5 Christmas wreaths – a mix of recycling and nature

Knage med julepynt

I went to the thrift shop to buy decorations for Christmas. Have a look and get inspired when I mix recycling and nature in 5 Christmas wreaths.

Enamel kitchen utensils and I have had a love affair before. About 30 years ago. Now we´re having one again. I´m particular fond of the colourful enamel ring moulds. They are the easiest everlasting wreaths I´ve ever had. Sometimes I decorate them with the seasons flowers. In late summer a mould decorated with dahlias creates a beautiful element in the garden. At Christmas I decorate with hardy succulents. Especially I like the contrast between the hard metal and the soft nature. And, the colours of course. I have ring moulds in blue, red, green and orange. A colour for every mood and season.

Køkkentøj emalje

A enamel colander is a beauty by itself. The ornamental pattern resembling flowers. It´s looks its best in company with other elements. That´s why I´m so pleased with my coat rack. It also makes it a whole lot easier to change the decoration when needed. 


The heart made of straw reminds me of my childhood´s Christmas. In those days it had a red ribbon. Now it´s decorated with a leather ribbon. On top of it I´ve placed a larch branch formed into a wreath. Or at least almost. Not completely round, but easy to make.  


It takes a little more to make a wreath from Russian vine (aka mile-a-minute/ Fallopia baldschuanica). Mostly because the branches entangle. When set free they are easy to turn into a wreath. The one on the left I´ve decorated with berries, poppy pods and leather ribbon. To the right I´ve made a small thick wreath which needs no decoration. 

Enamel kitchen utensils are easy to find in thrift shops in Denmark. Especially ring moulds. Christmas decorations made of straw like the heart are also common. The larch branch, hardy succulents and Russian vine are all from my garden.