Knabstrup dinnerware – a cool design

Cup from Knabstrup


The Danish dinnerware Knabstrup is a large dinnerware complet with cups to finish the dinner, and it´s the first stoneware series from Knabstrup pottery. Knabstrup has a typical Scandinavian design. Minimalist, cool and very nordic in a cool blue glaze with shades of sand. Classic and timeless and still a joy to set the table with 50 years after its launching. Fortunate it´s rather easy to find. Look for it at Etsy or Ebay.

Knabstrup – dinnerware

Year: 1966-1972

Material: Stoneware

Production: Knabstrup Pottery

Designer: Johannes Hansen (1903-1995)

Country: Denmark

The dinnerware also came in white called Klintebjerg and in brown called Noddebo.