Set the table for New Year with bling and recycling

New Year´s evening is the time for a table that sparkles and shimmer. I went to the charity shop and found some glitter. Take a look when I create a table for New Years evening with bling and recycling. 

A table for New Years eve with bling and recycling

Candle holder in blue enamel and gold

The candle holder in blue enamel with gold was more than cheap. A real bargain that goes well with my old Christmas balls. Together they ad just the right amount of bling to the table.

Christmas balls at the New Year table

Bracelet used as a napkin ring

The napkin ring is a bracelet I found in the charity shop. I found four of the same, but they could of course also be different. 

Wine glass with stars

A wine glass with stars is perfect for the New Year table. I got them for a really fair price at the charity shop. 

Plates with silver line from Adams

The plates are English and from Adams. They are very old and the silver line is a bit worn here and there. That only ads to their charm.

Flower ball with white flowers

The table decoration is a flower ball with flowers from white kalanchoe. The flowers are attached to a oasis ball with pins. The oasis ball is attached to a branch from the garden which is securred with clay in a tin can. The tin can is covered with remnants of white fur. Maybe you know sense a second theme for the New Year table? If you´re thinking snow and winter you´re on the right path.

Happy New Year!



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