A Christmas mobile with scent of oranges and cloves

A Christmas mobile with orange pomanders

Make a Christmas mobile with orange pomanders, place it above the wood stove and enjoy the scent of Christmas. A easy, decorative and natural Christmas decoration. Variate with mandarins, a bit of spruce and arrange the cloves in different patterns. Then you have a Christmas mobile that is bound to lift your spirits. 

Mandarin with star anis

A mandarin decorated with star anis is a variation of the classic orange pomander with cloves. 

Orange with cloves

Enjoy arranging the cloves in different patterns. Here I´ve arranged them in a spiral. The ribbon is a left over shoe lace. It often pays of to take a look in the drawers before buying new. 

Mandarin covered in cloves

It takes a bit of patience to cover a mandarin in cloves, but the effect is great. On the contrary it´s very easy to make stars out of spruce and a couple of them ads to the colour of the Christmas mobile.