Soholm Granit is a tableware for both winter and late summer

The deep blue glaze of the tableware “Granit” from Danish Soholm really appeals to a winter table. The colour is immediately sending my thoughts into the sky. To the blue sky on a winter day with snow and frost, but also the special deep blue sky on a day during the late summer. That´s why “Granit” is a tableware for both winter and late summer.

Cup from Soholm Granit

The glaze is developed by Jürgen C. Bote and beside the deep blue colour, the tableware has a brown contrast. To stay poetic, you might say that both sky and soil is represented. Brown and blue are a good pair. 

“Granit” is designed by Maria Philippi . A young German potter who designed for Soholm from 1962-64. Her designs stayed in production long after she had gone back to Germany.

The tableware consist of 14 parts (according to a salespage from 1971) and includes two cups. A regular cup (1829) and a larger morning cup (1830). 


Year: 1962-64

Material: Stoneware

Production: Soholm

Design: Maria Philippi